Sahra Wagenknecht and Alice Schwarzer

The princess and villa owner from the Saarland Wagenknecht puts us all here just quite subtly and thereby nicely and harmlessly smiling Putin’s ATOMIC BOMBS directly into the German political space.

And the unbearable logic, the actual demand behind this “peace expedition” is that we here in the west would have to watch the domestic and foreign policy of Russia “quite peacefully”, so Wagenknecht,

otherwise we “as the actual warmongers”, as the “bellicists”, would be the real culprits in a potential nuclear war.

Rarely has a political act triggered so much disgust in me as this clearly expressed coercion, as this threat to the entire nation by this one woman, who is actually asking us to accept all these sick crimes and messes of the Russian militarists and Nazis of the last decades (mass executions in Syrian-Russian concentration camps, robberies of one country after another, the daily torture in Russia, the millions of refugees).
submissively and tacitly,
as well as the last Russian raid, that is, the military invasion of Europe, which is now to continue this long list of imperialist, fascistoid terror,
Russia, according to Wagenknecht,
all these
with nuclear weapons and nuclear threats.

Wagenknecht’s finely cultivated demand to the West to submit to this hypocritical death threat disguised as pacifism,
or else to become “as warmongers” mainly responsible for a possible nuclear war, this public threat is surely one of the most depraved events in recent German history, pretty much since the Goebbels war speech.


If we transfer this logic to German history, then the liberation of the concentration camps would have been the actual war crime, since these true pacifists find war to vomit when the victims of the criminals dare to defend themselves against rape, torture or mass murder.

In this sense I feel not only insulted by Mrs. Wagenknecht, Mrs. Schwarzer and Co (i.e. as “warmongers”/as “bellicose” etc. etc.) but rather
in view of this quite clearly formulated nuclear allusion also directly threatened and in this sense also quite concretely coerced by Mrs. Wagenknecht to accept ‘peacefully’ the constantly escalating development of Russian fascistoid imperialism – thus finally torture chambers, gulags, labor camps and mass executions IN EUROPE,
– and I at least, Mrs. Wagenknecht, am not ready for that at all.


Especially since I am then nevertheless also in an age (born 1967) in which I after so many years of the cold war and the constant Russian atomic war threats – without a single actually ignited atomic bomb – to see through the logic of such rather cheap and clear and with force of arms and slander announced political power claims.

I call upon Mrs. Wagenknecht, Mrs. Schwarzer as well as the AFD leader Chrupalla,
in front of the Kremlin
in Syria in front of the prison Saidnaya

to demonstrate against the war and for peace.

And since in Germany just constantly about a lack of strategy in dealing with Russia is discussed, this strategy is quite simple:
The militaristic Russian butchers should simply fuck off out of Europe for a very long time… : End the horror in Syria’s torture prisons Tausende Tote bei Massenhinrichtungen im Saydnaya-Gefängnis Folter in Russland

Sü Prozess gegen “Pussy Riot”

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